Tuesday, 20 February 2018

What is Pregnancy Gingivitis & Treatment for It?

A woman who gets pregnant it is good news for her. It is the most beautiful thing for women who will become a mother soon. The new experience is going to be start a new phase and a new journey of a life.

Now you won’t be aware of this that the pregnancy can also cause the risk of acute oral health as well. Just because the hormonal changes in the body can leads your gums bleeding that is called pregnancy gingivitis. Majority of women get through of this.

Usually the upcoming moms suffer from morning sickness this can cause by developing the cavities during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Gingivitis Symptoms
The pregnancy gingivitis usually happened in the second month of pregnancy and it is often get worse on the eight month several are the things.
  • Red gums instead of pink ones
  • Tender or Swollen gums
  • Gum that bleed easily when you brush or floss

The biggest issue is that if you won’t care of this it will reverse back and it leads to periodontics. It not only affects your gum it affects the teeth and the roots as well. In future it will not cure if you don’t treat yourself on the time.

You must take an appointment from dentist to treat pregnancy gingivitis for evaluation and intervention. If you feel you have such kind of problem.
  • A Toothache
  • A loose tooth
  • A growth in your mouth
  • Other signs of gum disease like bad breath or receding gums

The Science behind Pregnancy Gingivitis
Our Immune system totally co relates with the oral health and interacts with the bacteria in our mouth. If you are pregnant your body creates more progesterone.

Progesterone is vital for pregnancy. It keeps uterine lining healthy, balances blood sugar and helps in the sleeping and lowers the anxiety. But it can promote bacteria growth in your mouth. Progesterone can suppress your normal immune system.

Pregnancy Gingivitis Treatment & Prevention
The dentist and the dental hygienist can help you or to guide you how to get rid from it they remove plaque and bacteria which can control the gum inflammation. The best thing to prevent from this disease is to just do the flossing and brushing the teeth properly very simple. It helps your immune system very well.

Being Pregnant Can Cause Cavities?
Not very much but pregnancy symptoms can create several risk factors. Due to the frequent vomiting can expose your teeth to stomach acid. If you have not any kind of problem and you will go for the check up for the dentist while you are pregnant you must say to your doctor to identify the problem like pregnancy gingivitis or cavities early.

Is Dental Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?
What happens if you have a dental problem during pregnancy?

You must consult the gynecologist before going for any treatment she will examine you and then she will let you know what the best possible time is for you treating yourself.

There are following factors which can help you or guide you very well in the whole scenario you must take care of yourself during the whole period of the time.
  • Do tell your dentist if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.
  • Do keep flossing daily to keep gums as healthy as possible
  • Don’t stop going to the dentist while you are pregnant
  • Do keep brushing diligently after every meal
  • Don’t be afraid of dental X-rays
  • Do eat foods high in calcium and vitamin D to keep your teeth healthy
  • Don’t take excessive amount of Tylenol if you have tooth pain it can harm the baby.


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